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HYDR8 American Alkaline Water™ - 500 ml (12 Pack)

HYDR8 American Alkaline Water™ - 500 ml (12 Pack)

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HYDR8™ 500 ml bottles provide an optimal hydration experience.

HYDR8 water first undergoes a rigorous multi-step purification method before being infused with our proprietary formulation of ionized minerals. This creates a stable, high pH ensuring you are getting clean, great-tasting alkaline water with hydration you can trust.

All of our bottles are BPA-free and 100% recyclable PET bottles.

500 ml - 12 Pack


BPA-free bottle, 100% recyclable

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12L” x 9W“ x 10.5H”

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Not all hydration is created equal

Our Mission is to enhance consumers’ wellbeing through a superior hydration experience that gives back to United States veterans.